Authors: Gao, Weihua
Hernández, Reinaldo
Engell, Sebastian
Title: A study of explorative moves during modifier adaptation with quadratic approximation
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Modifier adaptation with quadratic approximation (in short MAWQA) can adapt the operating condition of a process to its economic optimum by combining the use of a theoretical process model and of the collected data during process operation. The efficiency of the MAWQA algorithm can be attributed to a well-designed mechanism which ensures the improvement of the economic performance by taking necessary explorative moves. This paper gives a detailed study of the mechanism of performing explorative moves during modifier adaptation with quadratic approximation. The necessity of the explorative moves is theoretically analyzed. Simulation results for the optimization of a hydroformylation process are used to illustrate the efficiency of the MAWQA algorithm over the finite difference based modifier adaptation algorithm.
Subject Headings: Real-time optimization
Modifier adaptation
Quadratic approximation
Issue Date: 2016-11-26
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