Authors: Kotzem, Daniel
Arold, Tizian
Niendorf, Thomas
Title: Damage tolerance evaluation of E-PBF manufactured Inconel 718 strut geometries by advanced characterization techniques
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: By means of electron beam powder bed fusion (E-PBF), highly complex lightweight structures can be manufactured within short process times. Due to the increasing complexity of producible components and the entangled interplay of damage mechanisms, common bulk material properties such as ultimate tensile or fatigue strength are not sufficient to guarantee safe and reliable use in demanding applications. Within this work, the damage tolerance of E-PBF-manufactured Ni-based alloy Inconel 718 (IN 718) strut geometries under uniaxial cyclic loading was investigated supported by several advanced measurement techniques. Based on thermal and electrical measurements, the failure of single struts could reliably be detected, revealing that continuous monitoring is applicable for such complex geometries. Process-induced surface roughness was found to be the main reason for early failure during cyclic loading. Thus, adequate post-processing steps have to be established for complex geometries to significantly improve damage tolerance and, eventually, in-service properties.
Subject Headings: Electron beam powder bed fusion (E-PBF)
Inconel 718
Damage tolerance
Lattice structures
Cyclic behavior
Defect analysis
Subject Headings (RSWK): Rapid Prototyping <Fertigung>
Inconel 718
Issue Date: 2020-01-06
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