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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-24Characterization of the high-temperature behavior of PBF-EB/M manufactured γ titanium aluminidesTeschke, M.; Moritz, J.; Telgheder, L.; Marquardt, A.; Leyens, C.; Walther, F.
2023-01-06Effect of carbon nanofibre orientation on fatigue properties of carbon fibre-reinforced polymersMrzljak, Selim; Zanghellini, Benjamin; Gerdes, Lars; Helwing, Ramon; Schuller, Reinhard; Sinn, Gerhard; Lichtenegger, Helga; Walther, Frank; Rennhofer, Harald
2021-10-12Position-dependent mechanical characterization of the PBF-EB-manufactured Ti6Al4V alloyKotzem, Daniel; Höffgen, Alexandra; Raveendran, Rajevan
2022-12-17Ti6Al4V lattice structures manufactured by electron beam powder bed fusion - microstructural and mechanical characterization based on advanced in situ techniquesKotzem, Daniel; Arold, Tizian; Bleicher, Kevin; Raveendran, Rajevan; Niendorf, Thomas; Walther, Frank
2022-08-03Innovative X-ray diffraction and micromagnetic approaches for reliable residual stress assessment in deep rolled and microfinished AISI 4140 componentsStrodick, Simon; Vogel, Florian; Tilger, Meik; Kipp, Monika; Baak, Nikolas; Biermann, Dirk; Walther, Frank; Denstorf, Marie; Kukui, Dimitri; Barrientos, Marina Macias
2022-08-05Assessing the lightweight potential of additively manufactured metals by density-specific Woehler and Shiozawa diagramsMerghany, Mohamed; Teschke, Mirko; Stern, Felix; Tenkamp, Jochen; Walther, Frank
2021-04-06Impact of solar radiation on chemical structure and micromechanical properties of cellulose-based humidity-sensing material CottonidScholz, Ronja; M. Langhansl, F.; Hemmerich, M.; Meyer, J.; Zollfrank, C; Walther, F.
2021-06-24In situ characterization of polycaprolactone fiber response to quasi-static tensile loading in scanning electron microscopyDelp, Alexander; Becker, Alexander; Hülsbusch, Daniel; Scholz, Ronja; Müller, Marc; Glasmacher, Birgit; Walther, Frank
2021-06-18Testing procedure for fatigue characterization of steel-CFRP hybrid laminate considering material dependent self-heatingMrzljak, Selim; Schmidt, Stefan; Kohl, Andreas; Hülsbusch, Daniel; Hausmann, Joachim; Walther, Frank
2021-06-17Influence of different alloying strategies on the mechanical behavior of tool steel produced by laser-powder bed fusionChehreh, Abootorab Baqerzadeh; Strauch, Anna; Großwendt, Felix; Röttger, Arne; Fechte-Heinen, Rainer; Theisen, Werner; Walther, Frank
2021-05-13Constant temperature approach for the assessment of injection molding parameter influence on the fatigue behavior of short glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6Mrzljak, Selim; Delp, Alexander; Schlink, André; Zarges, Jan-Christoph; Hülsbusch, Daniel; Heim, Hans-Peter; Walther, Frank
2020-06-12Load direction-dependent influence of forming-induced initial damage on the fatigue performance of 16MnCrS5 steelMöhring, Kerstin; Walther, Frank
2020-05-28Performance related characterization of forming-Induced initial damage in 16MnCrS5 steel under a torsional forward-reverse loading path at LCF regimeMöhring, Kerstin; Walther, Frank
2020-05-29Characterization of damage evolution on hot flat rolled mild steel sheets by means of micromagnetic parameters and fatigue strength determinationTeschke, Mirko; Rozo Vasquez, Julian; Lücker, Lukas; Walther, Frank
2020-05-18Towards deterministic computation of internal stresses in additively manufactured materials under fatigue loading: part IAwd, Mustafa; Labanie, Mhd Fateh; Möhring, Kerstin; Fatemi, Ali; Walther, Frank
2020-05-09In situ characterization of damage development in Cottonid due to quasi-static tensile loadingScholz, Ronja; Delp, Alexander; Walther, Frank
2020-01-21Comparison of high-temperature compression and compression-compression fatigue behavior of magnesium alloys DieMag422 and AE42Teschke, Mirko; Koch, Alexander; Walther, Frank
2019-10-02Balancing purification and ultrastructure of naturally derived bone blocks for bone regenerationBarbeck, Mike; Jung, Ole; Xiong, Xin; Krastev, Rumen; Korzinskas, Tadas; Najman, Stevo; Radenković, Milena; Wegner, Nils; Knyazeva, Marina; Walther, Frank
2019-09-30In vivo simulation of magnesium degradability using a new fluid dynamic bench testing approachJung, Ole; Porchetta, Dario; Schroeder, Marie-Luise; Klein, Martin; Wegner, Nils; Walther, Frank; Feyerabend, Frank; Barbeck, Mike; Kopp, Alexander
2020-01-06Damage tolerance evaluation of E-PBF manufactured Inconel 718 strut geometries by advanced characterization techniquesKotzem, Daniel; Arold, Tizian; Niendorf, Thomas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31