Authors: Teschke, M.
Moritz, J.
Telgheder, L.
Marquardt, A.
Leyens, C.
Walther, F.
Title: Characterization of the high-temperature behavior of PBF-EB/M manufactured γ titanium aluminides
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Due to their high specific strength and temperature resistance, γ-titanium aluminides (γ-TiAl) have a growing importance for automotive and aerospace applications. However, conventional processing is very challenging due to the inherent brittleness of the material. Therefore, new manufacturing techniques and methods have to be established. Additive manufacturing techniques such as electron powder bed fusion (PBF-EB/M) are favored, since they enable near net shape manufacturing of highly complex geometries. The high preheating temperatures, which typically occur during PBF-EB/M, can significantly improve the processability of TiAl and facilitate the fabrication of complex parts. In this study, a previously optimized material condition of the β-solidifying TNM alloy TNM-B1 (Ti-43.5Al-4Nb-1Mo-0.1B) was manufactured by PBF-EB/M. The resulting microstructure, defect distribution and morphology, and mechanical properties were characterized by means of characterization methods, e.g., CT, SEM, light microscopy, hardness measurements, and tensile tests. A special focus was on the mechanical high-temperature behavior. The pronounced sensitivity of the material to defects and internal notches, e.g., due to lack of fusion defects (misconnections) which were found in the as-built condition, was identified as a main cause for premature failure below the yield point due to the low ductility. This failure was analyzed and potential improvements were identified.
Subject Headings: Additive manufacturing
Electron powder bed fusion
PBF-EB titanium aluminides
Mechanical properties
Tensile test
Subject Headings (RSWK): Rapid Prototyping <Fertigung>
Selektives Laserschmelzen
Mechanische Eigenschaft
Issue Date: 2022-02-24
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