Authors: Delp, Alexander
Becker, Alexander
Hülsbusch, Daniel
Scholz, Ronja
Müller, Marc
Glasmacher, Birgit
Walther, Frank
Title: In situ characterization of polycaprolactone fiber response to quasi-static tensile loading in scanning electron microscopy
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Microstructural responses to the mechanical load of polymers used in tissue engineering is notably important for qualification at in vivo testing, although insufficiently studied, especially regarding promising polycaprolactone (PCL). For further investigations, electrospun PCL scaffolds with different degrees of fiber alignment were produced, using two discrete relative drum collector velocities. Development and preparation of an adjusted sample geometry enabled in situ tensile testing in scanning electron microscopy. By analyzing the microstructure and the use of selected tracking techniques, it was possible to visualize and quantify fiber/fiber area displacements as well as local fractures of single PCL fibers, considering quasi-static tensile load and fiber alignment. The possibility of displacement determination using in situ scanning electron microscopy techniques for testing fibrous PCL scaffolds was introduced and quantified.
Subject Headings: In situ tensile testing
Scanning electron microscopy
Damage mechanisms
Tissue engineering
Fiber orientation
Subject Headings (RSWK): Zugversuch
Tissue Engineering
Issue Date: 2021-06-24
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