Authors: Knauer, Lena
Knorr, Michael
Viau, Lydie
Strohmann, Carsten
Title: Crystal structure of the coordination polymer catena-poly[[[(acetonitrile-κN)copper(I)]-μ3-1,3-dithiolane-κ3S:S:S′] hexafluoridophosphate]
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The polymeric title compound, [Cu2(C2H3N)2(C3H6S2)2](PF6)2, represents an example of a one-dimensional coordination polymer resulting from the reaction of [Cu(MeCN)4][PF6] with 1,3-di­thiol­ane. The cationic one-dimensional ribbon consists of two copper(I) centers each ligated by one aceto­nitrile mol­ecule and inter­connected through two bridging 1,3-di­thiol­ane ligands. One S-donor site of each ligand is κ1-bound to Cu, whereas the second S atom acts as a four-electron donor, bridging two Cu atoms in a κ4-bonding mode. The positive charge of each copper cation is compensated for by a hexa­fluorido­phosphate counter-ion. In the crystal, the polymer chains are linked by a series of C—H...F hydrogen bonds, forming a supra­molecular framework
Subject Headings: Crystal structure
Copper complex
Coordination polymer
C—H...F hydrogen bonding
Issue Date: 2019-12-19
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