Authors: Schnedl, Wolfgang J.
Reittner, Pia
Enko, Dietmar
Mangge, Harald
Title: Food malabsorption/intolerance complaints triggered by primary epiploic appendagitis
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Primary epiploic appendagitis (PEA) is an uncommon and self-limiting cause of acute or subacute abdominal complaints. The diagnosis of PEA, with its characteristic appearance, is made with computed tomography (CT). This report describes a patient seven months after a CT-confirmed diagnosis of PEA. Because of persistent and recurring, functional, non-specific abdominal complaints, food intolerance/malabsorption was investigated. Fructose malabsorption combined with histamine intolerance was found. A registered dietician helped develop an individually-tailored diet to address the problem. Within four days of beginning the fructose-free and histamine-reduced diet, the patient’s complaints resolved. In conclusion, abdominal symptoms caused by fructose malabsorption and histamine intolerance may have been triggered by PAE in this patient.
Subject Headings: Primary epiploic appendagitis
Computed tomography
Fructose malabsorption
Histamine intolerance
Issue Date: 2019-08-29
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