Authors: Gödeke, Lutz
Oswald, Walter
Willenbacher, Norbert
Ehrhard, Peter
Title: Dimensional analysis of droplet size and ligament length during high-speed rotary bell atomization
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Modern spray-coating processes are based on high-volume, low-pressure, airless atomization or high-speed rotary bell atomization, often assisted by electrostatic charging to increase the transfer efficiency. The process from the liquid film flow beneath the bell, through ligament formation and consecutive disintegration to droplet deposition, has been constantly explored during the evolution of automotive spray coating. This work proposes a set of dimensionless groups that fully describe the process from film flow to ligament disintegration, including shear and elongational flow effects during atomization of particle laden, shear thinning, viscoelastic fluids.
Subject Headings: Dimensional analysis
High-speed rotary bell atomization
Elongational flow
Ligament disintegration
Droplet size
Acrylic thickener
Plate-like particles
Subject Headings (RSWK): Dimensionsanalyse
Issue Date: 2020-10-01
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