Authors: Kijanski, Wojciech
Barthold, Franz-Joseph
Title: Two-scale shape optimisation based on numerical homogenisation techniques and variational sensitivity analysis
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This contribution presents a theoretical and computational framework for two-scale shape optimisation of nonlinear elastic structures. Particularly, minimum compliance optimisation problems with composite (matrix-inclusion) microstructures subjected to static loads and volume-type design constraints are focused. A homogenisation-based FE2 scheme is extended by an enhanced formulation of variational (shape) sensitivity analysis based on Noll’s intrinsic, frame-free formulation of continuum mechanics. The obtained overall two-scale sensitivity information couples shape variations across micro- and macroscopic scales. A numerical example demonstrates the capabilities of the proposed variational sensitivity analysis and the (shape) optimisation framework. The investigations involve a mesh morphing scheme for the design parametrisation at both macro- and microscopic scales.
Subject Headings: FEM
Numerical multiscale methods (FE2) and homogenisation
Two-scale structural analysis
Variational sensitivity analysis
Structural optimisation
Shape optimisation
Issue Date: 2021-03-06
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