Authors: Mayorga González, Daniel
Title: The Smart Power Cell concept
Other Titles: Novel system architecture and operational concept for the efficient, secure and stable operation of future power systems
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This dissertation describes a novel architecture and operational concept for a future electric power system. The architecture and operational concept were developed as a solution to the technical challenges which result from the ongoing decommissioning of conventional power plants and the mass scale integration of distributed and renewable energy sources. In particular, the architecture aims at ensuring the efficient, secure and stable operation of a future power system by enabling the coordinated operation of its distribution and transmission grids. To this, in the first part of the dissertation, the Smart Power Cell concept is introduced. A Smart Power Cell is a subsection of the distribution domain of a future power system which is supervised and controlled by an ICT-based monitoring and control system. A Smart Power Cell can be controlled to adapt its dynamic behaviour on demand an thus be integrated into the operation of the transmission network. The dissertation then deals with the modelling and simulation of a power system organized according to the developed concept. Besides, methods for the description of the flexibility of Smart Power Cells to support the operation of a transmission network are described. In addition, a control scheme for controlling the power which a Smart Power Cell exchanges with the transmission network is presented. Finally, the developed methods are tested by means of steady-state and dynamic simulations using a combined transmission-distribution test system designed for this purpose. The dissertation closes with a summary of the main contributions and a discussion of the research efforts required to bring the Smart Power Cell concept into life.
Subject Headings: Electric power systems
Power system stability and control
Cellular power systems
Operation of electric power systems
Subject Headings (RSWK): Energietechnik
Issue Date: 2021
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