Authors: Lukin, Ilya
Pietzka, Lukas
Wingartz, Isabell
Schembecker, Gerhard
Title: Aroma absorption in rapeseed oil using rotating packed bed
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: An increasing consumers’ call for natural aromas fuels the development of biotechnological aroma production. Although aroma fermentation is quite advantageous, especially severe product losses of volatile compounds through the bioreactor off-gas may challenge the downstream processing. The application of novel process intensification methods to overcome the common drawbacks of conventional apparatuses might be helpful on a way to commercial competitiveness of biotechnological aromas. This study explored the suitability of rotating packed bed (RPB), a rotating mass transfer enhancing machine, for the absorption of model aroma compounds in rapeseed oil. Increasing the rotation speed from 500 to 2750 rpm led to two- to threefold higher absorption efficiencies at elsewise constant conditions. Aiming for an enriched aromatic intermediate, 2.5 L of rapeseed oil was processed in a recycle for 200 minutes, and a final concentration of benzaldehyde of 0.323 ± 0.026 g/Loil was achieved. Compared to packed columns, the RPB outperforms at equal packing depth or requires less packing area to deliver same efficiency. Especially, the use of custom 3D-printed spiral packing with elaborated wall film flow combined with rotation supported liquid distribution allows using absorbents with viscosities as high as 100 mPa·s at low pressure drop increase. However, small dimensions severely limit the performance of a laboratory-scale RPB as the casing contributes disproportionally to mass transfer.
Subject Headings: Absorption
Natural aromas
Rapeseed oil
Rotating packed bed
Issue Date: 2020-10-05
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