Authors: Seymen, Andreas
Opper, Ulrike
Voß, Andreas
Brieger, Lukas
Otte, Felix
Unkelbach, Christian
O'Shea, Donal F.
Strohmann, Carsten
Title: Aminopotassiation by mixed K/Li amides
Other Titles: a synthetic path to difficult to access phenethylamine derivates
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Insights gained from a comparison of aminometalation reactions with lithium amides, potassium amides and mixed lithium/potassium amides are presented. A combination of structural characterization, DFT calculations and electrophile reactions of aminometalated intermediates has shown the advantages of using a mixed metal strategy. While potassium amides fail to add, the lithium amides are uncontrollable and eliminated, yet the mixed K/Li amides deliver the best of both systems. Aminopotassiation proceeds to form the alkylpotassium species which has enhanced stability over its lithium counterpart allowing for its isolation and thereby its further characterization.
Subject Headings: Alkali metals
Synergistic effects
Issue Date: 2020-08-26
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