Authors: Bianga, Jonas
Kopplin, Niklas
Hülsmann, Jonas
Vogt, Dieter
Seidensticker, Thomas
Title: Rhodium-catalysed reductive amination for the synthesis of tertiary amines
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A procedure for the synthesis of tertiary amines via reductive amination of aldehydes with molecular hydrogen as a reducing agent using homogeneous rhodium catalysis is presented. Using an amine to aldehyde ratio of 4/1 enabled the synthesis of tertiary amines from nine different aldehydes and nine different secondary amines with selectivities up to 99% and turnover frequencies (TOF) up to 7200 h−1. The reaction showed a high tolerance against alcohol and ester functions allowing the formation of multifunctional molecules. In addition, secondary amines can also be produced by this synthesis. For all compounds, activities were determined by hydrogen gas-uptake. In order to increase the sustainability and efficiency of the procedure, a dosing strategy has been successfully developed. Using the determined reaction indicators enabled the stoichiometric use of aldehydes and amines without significant loss of selectivity.
Subject Headings: Homogeneous Catalysis
Issue Date: 2020-08-09
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