Authors: Waltermann, Thomas
Schlueter, Stefan
Benfer, Regina
Knoesche, Carsten
Górak, Andrzej
Skiborowski, Mirko
Title: Model discrimination for multicomponent distillation
Other Titles: a geometrical approach for total reflux
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: While rate-based models are available in commercial flowsheet simulation tools, packed distillation columns are still mostly designed based on the equilibrium stage model in combination with HETP values. In order to discriminate between both types of models in a simple way, this article proposes an algorithmic test, based on a geometric criterion for total reflux operation. Substantial differences are illustrated especially for wide-boiling mixtures, while component-specific mass transfer rates either increase or reduce the deviation. The derived results are validated by dedicated experiments.
Subject Headings: Distillation
Equilibrium stage model
Model discrimination
Rate-based mode
Subject Headings (RSWK): Destillation
Bewertung <Mathematik>
Issue Date: 2020-06-09
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