Authors: Leckey, Kevin
Heinrich, Jens
Müller, Christine H.
Maurer, Reinhard
Title: Model checks and simultaneous prediction bands for load sharing models in prestressed concrete beams
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This article presents a new method to test on whether a parametric model is capable of describing data properly. It also introduces a simple procedure to generate simultaneous prediction bands based on independent copies of a process. The performance of these prediction bands, e.g. in a leave-one-out cross-validation, will also be used as another indication of whether data is modeled properly. Both methods are applied to data from fatigue experiments on prestressed concrete beam girders. These experiments highlight a couple of different influences on the fatigue of such girders, namely the so-called cable factor and the deflection force. Both effects are incorporated into different load sharing models for component failures which then are compared and used for predicting these failure times.
Subject Headings: accelerated life testing
K-sign depth
load sharing models
deflection force
cable factor
Issue Date: 2022
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