Authors: Hidalgo Rodríguez, Diego I.
Title: Toward optimal operation of multienergy home-microgrids for power balancing in distribution networks: a model predictive control approach
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The energy policy objectives of the German government regarding renewable energy sources and energy efficiency will lead to a significantly increase in the share of photovoltaics, storage systems, CHP plants, and heat pumps, especially at the distribution grid level. In the future, inside a household, such systems must be coordinated in such a way that they can respond to variable network conditions as a single flexible unit. This dissertation defines home-microgrid as a residential building with integrated distributed energy resources, and follows a bottom-up approach, based on the cellular approach, which aims at improving local balancing in low-voltage grids by using the flexibilities of home-microgrids. For this purpose, the dissertation develops optimization-based strategies for the coordination of multienergy home-microgrids, focusing on the use of model predictive control. The main core of the work is the formulation of the underlying optimization problems and the investigation of coordination strategies for interconnected home-microgrids. In this context, the work presents the use of the dual decomposition and the alternating direction method of multipliers for hierarchical-distributed coordination strategies. Finally, this dissertation introduces a framework for the co-simulation of electrical networks with penetration of multienergy home-microgrids.
Subject Headings: MPC
Dual Decomposition
Distribution Networks
Multienergy Systems
Energy Storage
Heat Pumps
Subject Headings (RSWK): Microgrid
Issue Date: 2020
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