Authors: Schreiber, Mareike
Brunert, Manuel
Schembecker, Gerhard
Title: Extraction on a robotic platform - autonomous solvent selection under economic evaluation criteria
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Steps and necessary decisions for a liquid-liquid extraction were pointed out for its automatic design on a robotic platform. A tool for solvent selection based on Hansen parameters was developed to simplify solvent selection. An approach was developed for automatic, visual phase boundary detection. Key performance indicators are used to ensure economically motivated decisions. The autonomous design of an extraction process is demonstrated for the separation of progesterone from a fermentation broth. The method leads to the selection of methanol and acetonitrile, with separation cost indicators of 146 and 183 € gProg.−1. This work constitutes the prospects of using autonomous robotic systems to design entire production processes.
Subject Headings: Automation
Downstream process design
Robotic platforms
Solvent selection
Issue Date: 2021-06-21
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