Authors: Ganta, Sudhakar
Drechsler, Christoph
Chen, Yen-Ting
Clever, Guido H.
Title: Nonaqueous emulsion polycondensation enabled by a self­-assembled cage-like surfactant
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Abstract: Nonaqueous emulsions are crucial for a range of applications based on water-sensitive systems such as controlled polymerizations requiring anhydrous reaction con­ditions and the stabilization of readily hydrolyzable reagents or pharmacologically active components. However, defined molecular surfactants to stabilize such nonaqueous emulsions are scarce. We introduce a self-assembled coordination cage, decorated with cholesterol functionalities, to serve as a molecular surfactant for various oil-in-oil emulsions of immis­cible organic solvents. While the positively charged cage forms the amphiphile's polar moiety, the non-polar cholester­ol appendices can bend in a common direction to stabilize the emulsion. Templated by the droplets, polycondensation reactions were carried out to produce microstructured polyur­ethane and polyurea materials of different particle sizes and morphologies. Further, the amphiphilic cage can encapsulate a guest molecule and the resulting host-guest assembly was also examined as a surfactant. In addition, the aggregation behavior of the amphiphilic cage in an aqueous medium was examined.
Subject Headings: Self assembly
Coordination cages
Issue Date: 2022-01-11
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