Authors: Gutknecht, Florian
Traphöner, Heinrich
Clausmeyer, Till
Tekkaya, A. Erman
Title: Characterization of flow induced anisotropy in sheet metal at large strain
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Background: Many metals exhibit a stress overshoot, the so-called cross-hardening when subjected to a specific strain-path change. Existing tests for sheet metals are limited to an equivalent prestrain of 0.2 and show varying levels of cross-hardening for identical grades. Objective: The aim is to determine cross-hardening at large strains, relevant for forming processes. Mild steel grades (DC04, DC06, DX56) and high strength steel grades (BS600, DP600, ZE800) are investigated to quantify the level of cross-hardening between different grades and reveal which grades exhibit cross-hardening at all. Method: A novel test setup for large prestrain using hydraulic bulge test and torsion of curved sheets is developed to achieve an orthogonal strain-path change, i.e. the strain rate tensors for two subsequent loadings are orthogonal. The influence of strain rate differences between the tests and clamping of curved sheets on the determined cross-hardening are evaluated. The results are compared to experiments in literature. Results: Cross-hardening for sheet metal at prestrains up to 0.6 true plastic strain are obtained for the first time. For DX56 grade the maximum cross-hardening for all prestrains have a constant level of approximately 6%, while the maximum cross-hardening for DC04 and DC06 grades increases, with levels between 7 and 11%. The high strength grades BS600 and ZE800 do not show cross-hardening behavior, while, differencing from previous publications, cross-hardening is observed for dual phase steel DP600. Conclusion: Depending on the microstructure of the steel grade the cross-hardening increases with large prestrain or remains constant.
Subject Headings: Experimental characterization
Sheet metal - Cross-hardening
Mechanical behavior
Subject Headings (RSWK): Blechumformen
Mechanische Eigenschaft
Mechanische Spannung
Issue Date: 2021-10-29
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