Authors: Botzen, Lucas
Title: Selbstbestimmung und Teilhabe von Menschen mit Behinderung im Roadmovie „The Peanut Butter Falcon“
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: Self-determined living and participation in the community are fundamental human needs and rights that are highly valued in contemporary Western societies. However, they are still often denied to people with special needs. Mass media, on the one hand, influences the rights of people with special needs and on the other hand, reflects current social attitudes. The following paper examines how self-determination and participation of people with disabilities are portrayed in "The Peanut Butter Falcon" (Nilson/Schwartz 2019) - a road movie from the perspective of a young man with trisomy 21. In the theoretical part - after a conceptual introduction - the author elaborates on the CRPD, the Capability Approach according to Martha C. Nussbaum, the construction of social normality (Jürgen Link) and the cultural model of disability (Anne Waldschmidt). The movie analysis itself is based on the 3-level model according to Wolfgang Gast.
Issue Date: 2022
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