Authors: Vondran, Johanna
Peters, Marc
Schnettger, Alexander
Sichelschmidt, Christian
Seidensticker, Thomas
Title: From tandem to catalysis – organic solvent nanofiltration for catalyst separation in the homogeneously W-catalyzed oxidative cleavage of renewable methyl 9,10-dihydroxystearate
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Feasibility of oxidative cleavage of methyl oleate in a homogeneous reaction, facilitating the subsequent recovery of the catalyst from a single phase, is a challenge. Using the high molecular catalyst phosphotungstic acid (2880 Da) as an affordable catalyst offers potential for membrane separation. To gain insight into side-reactions, the intermediate methyl 9,10-dihydroxystearate was first applied as a model substrate. Thus, the stability of the intermediate methyl 9,10-epoxystearate and the vicinal diol was significantly improved under reaction conditions. Oxidative cleavage of the vicinal diol as a stable intermediate is very promising reaching an overall selectivity of 90% and a selectivity towards the cleavage carboxylic acids of 80%, considering dilution and acidity as the most important parameters. Retention of the catalyst via organic solvent nanofiltration was investigated and we retained 94% of the catalyst in the monophasic system as the first step towards a process concept for a product purification or catalyst recycling strategy.
Issue Date: 2022-04-25
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