Authors: Ditzhaus, Marc
Genuneit, Jon
Janssen, Arnold
Pauly, Markus
Title: CASANOVA: permutation inference in factorial survival designs
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We propose inference procedures for general factorial designs with time-to-event endpoints. Similar to additive Aalen models, null hypotheses are formulated in terms of cumulative hazards. Deviations are measured in terms of quadratic forms in Nelson–Aalen-type integrals. Different from existing approaches, this allows to work without restrictive model assumptions as proportional hazards. In particular, crossing survival or hazard curves can be detected without a significant loss of power. For a distribution-free application of the method, a permutation strategy is suggested. The resulting procedures' asymptotic validity is proven and small sample performances are analyzed in extensive simulations. The analysis of a data set on asthma illustrates the applicability.
Subject Headings: Additive Aalen model
Factorial designs
Local alternatives
Right censoring
Issue Date: 2021-10-05
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