Authors: Langenbeck, A.D.
Spyridis, P.
Beßling, M.
Orlowsky, J.
Title: Experimental investigations of power-actuated fastenings in TRC
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In this study we investigate the application of direct fastenings in textile-reinforced concrete for the first time in international research. This efficient combination is promising regarding sustainability and load-bearing reliability due to the fine-grained material structure. We aim to assess the system's feasibility and establish the most favourable framework of practice. Within our test series, we modify the concrete strength, the number of textile layers, the type of textile and the setting process. The most promising results were achieved when using three layers of a symmetric textile regarding geometry and tensile strength without executing a predrilling. While using higher-strength concrete leads to a total load-bearing capacity of up to 7 kN, this implies lower visual quality compared to lower-strength concrete. The latter case, with an average nail performance of over 4 kN, indicates that the proposed fastening-material-combination is highly promising regarding future use cases.
Subject Headings: Textile reinforced concrete
Direct fastenings
Power actuated fastenings
Façade anchorage
Issue Date: 2023-04-18
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