Authors: Plaumann, Daniel
Sinn, Rainer
Wesner, Jannik Lennart
Title: Families of faces and the normal cycle of a convex semi-algebraic set
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We study families of faces for convex semi-algebraic sets via the normal cycle which is a semi-algebraic set similar to the conormal variety in projective duality theory. We propose a convex algebraic notion of a patch—a term recently coined by Ciripoi, Kaihnsa, Löhne, and Sturmfels as a tool for approximating the convex hull of a semi-algebraic set. We discuss geometric consequences, both for the semi-algebraic and convex geometry of the families of faces, as well as variations of our definition and their consequences.
Subject Headings: Semi-algebraic sets
Convex sets
Normal cycle
Families of faces
Issue Date: 2022-08-06
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