Authors: Sarapukdee, Pongsak
Spenner, Christian
Schulz, Dirk
Palzer, Stefan
Title: Optimizing stability and performance of silver-based grating structures for surface plasmon resonance sensors
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The use of surface plasmon resonance sensors allows for the fabrication of highly sensitive, label-free analytical devices. This contribution reports on a grating coupler to enable surface plasmon resonance studies using silver on silicon oxide technology to build long-term stable plasmonic structures for biological molecule sensing. The structural parameters were simulated and the corresponding simulation model was optimized based on the experimental results to improve its reliability. Based on the model, optimized grating nanostructures were fabricated on an oxidized silicon wafer with different structural parameters and characterized using a dedicated optical setup and scanning electron microscopy. The combined theoretical and experimental results show that the most relevant refractive index range for biological samples from 1.32–1.46 may conveniently be covered with a highest sensitivity of 128.85°/RIU.
Subject Headings: Plasmon resonance
Grating coupler
Simulation model
Protective layer
Refractive index
Issue Date: 2023-07-28
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