Authors: Ohle-Peters, Annika
Shahat, Mohamed A.
Title: Differences in instructional quality during the Covid-19 pandemic between Oman and Germany and the role of teacher competences
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Introduction: School closures during the Covid-19 pandemic hit educational systems worldwide, forcing teachers to switch to digital learning settings. The presented study aims to (a) adapt and evaluate scales on instructional quality in digital settings, (b) describe instructional quality during the pandemic, and (c) to identify predictive teacher competences. Method: Data was assessed in a cross-sectional design via an online questionnaire conducted in Oman and Germany simultaneously. Results: Analyses of data from N = 284 teachers in Oman and Germany revealed mostly good psychometric parameters, differences in instructional quality between both countries, and positive relations between teachers’ competences and instructional quality. Conclusion: The present study contributes to instrument development and to the growing body of research, investigating teaching quality during the pandemic.
Subject Headings: Instructional quality
Covid-19 pandemic
Teacher competences
Digital teaching
Country comparison
Issue Date: 2023-08-31
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