Authors: Gock, Michael
Lutter, Michael
Pintus, Anna
Schollmeier, Dieter
Arca, Massimiliano
Lippolis, Vito
Jurkschat, Klaus
Title: Chelating phosphorus–an O, C, O-coordinating pincer-type ligand coordinating PIII and PV centres
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The sequence of reactions of the phosphorus-containing aryllithium compound 5-t-Bu-1,3-[(P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2Li (ArLi) with Ph2PCl, KMnO4, elemental sulfur and elemental selenium, respectively, gave the aryldiphenylphosphane chalcogenides 5-t-Bu-1,3-[(P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2P(E)Ph2 (1, E=O; 2, E=S; 3, E=Se). Compound 1 partially hydrolysed giving [5-t-Bu-1-{(P(O)(O-i-Pr)2}-3-{(P(O)(OH)2}C6H2]P(O)Ph2 (4). The reaction of ArLi with PhPCl2 provided the benzoxaphosphaphosphole [1(P), 3(P)-P(O)(O-i-Pr)OPPh-6-t-Bu-4-P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]C6H2P (5i) as a mixture of the two diastereomers. The oxidation of 5i with elemental sulfur gave the benzoxaphosphaphosphole sulfide [1(P), 3(P)-P(O)(O-i-Pr)OP(S)Ph-6-t-Bu-4-P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]C6H2 (5) as pair of enantiomers P1(R), P3(S)/P1(S), P3(R) of the diastereomer (RS/SR)-5 (5b). The aryldiphenylphosphane 5-t-Bu-1,3-[(P(O)(O-i-Pr)2]2C6H2PPh2 (6) was obtained from the reaction of the corresponding aryldiphenylphosphane sulfide 2 with either sodium hydride, NaH, or disodium iron tetracarbonyl, Na2Fe(CO)4. The oxidation of the aryldiphenylphosphane 6 with elemental iodine and subsequent hydrolysis yielded the aryldiphenyldioxaphosphorane 9-t-Bu-2,6-(OH)-4,4-Ph2-3,5-O2-2,6-P2-4λ5-P-[]-undeca-1(10),7(11),8-triene (7). Both of its diastereomers, (RR/SS)-7 (7a) and (RS/SR)-7 (7b), were separated as their chloroform and i-propanol solvates, 7a⋅2CHCl3 and 7b⋅i-PrOH, respectively. DFT calculations accompanied the experimental work.
Subject Headings: DFT calculations
NMR spectroscopy
Phosphorus triorganodioxaphosphorane
X-ray diffraction
Subject Headings (RSWK): Dichtefunktionalformalismus
Issue Date: 2022-07-12
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