Authors: Antoni, Patrick W.
Golz, Christopher
Hansmann, Max M.
Title: Organic four‐electron redox systems based on bipyridine and phenanthroline carbene architectures
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Novel organic redox systems that display multistage redox behaviour are highly sought-after for a series of applications such as organic batteries or electrochromic materials. Here we describe a simple strategy to transfer well-known two-electron redox active bipyridine and phenanthroline architectures into novel strongly reducing four-electron redox systems featuring fully reversible redox events with up to five stable oxidation states. We give spectroscopic and structural insight into the changes involved in the redox-events and present characterization data on all isolated oxidation states. The redox-systems feature strong UV/Vis/NIR polyelectrochromic properties such as distinct strong NIR absorptions in the mixed valence states. Two-electron charge–discharge cycling studies indicate high electrochemical stability at strongly negative potentials, rendering the new redox architectures promising lead structures for multi-electron anolyte materials.
Subject Headings: Carbenes
Electron donor
Redox chemistry
Structure elucidation
Subject Headings (RSWK): Carbene
Issue Date: 2022-03-17
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