LS 11 : [51]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Parallelization, scalability, and reproducibility in next generation sequencing analysisRahmann, Sven; Köster, Johannes; Mosig, Axel
2014-01-16Algorithms and tools for the analysis of high throughput DNA sequencing dataRahmann, Sven; Martin, Marcel; Stoye, Jens
2013-06-20Improving supervised music classification by means of multi-objective evolutionary feature selectionRudolph, Günter; Vatolkin, Igor; Weihs, Claus
2012-01-31Hypervolume based metaheuristics for multiobjective optimizationRudolph, Günter; Beume, Nicola; Igel, Christian
2011-10-06Upward planarization and layoutMutzel, Petra; Wong, Hoi-Ming; Buchheim, Christoph
2011-05-23Algorithms and statistical methods for exact motif discoveryRahmann, Sven; Marschall, Tobias; Stoye, Jens
2011-04-15Exact algorithms for network design problems using graph orientationsMutzel, Petra; Kandyba-Chimani, Maria; Buchheim, Christoph
2011-04-06Design and tuning of an evolutionary multiobjective optimisation algorithmRudolph, Günter; Naujoks, Boris; Jin, Yaochu
2011-03-25Interactive graph drawing with constraintsMutzel, Petra; Klein, Karsten; Kobourov, Stephen G.
2010-10-15Application of SPQR-trees in the planarization approach for drawing graphsMutzel, Petra; Gutwenger, Carsten; Eades, Peter
2010-06-29Abelian pattern matching in stringsRahmann, Sven; Ejaz, Tahir; Böcker, Sebastian
2010-05-18T12:05:01ZSurface reconstruction with diversity-preserving multi-objective differential evolutionJung, Matthias
2009-01-05T10:46:43ZComputing crossing numbersMutzel, Petra; Chimani, Markus; Skutella, Martin
2008-09-10T08:07:06ZGenetische Programmierung und SchachBanzhaf, Wolfgang; Kantschik, Wolfgang; Müller, Heinrich
2008-02-26T11:30:19ZSelf-adaptation in evolution strategiesBeyer, Hans-Georg; Meyer-Nieberg, Silja; Rudolph, Günter
2008-02-13T10:05:54ZGenetische Programmierung einer algorithmischen ChemieBanzhaf, Wolfgang; Lasarczyk, Christian W. G.; Rudolph, Günter
2005-12-29T13:23:19ZUntersuchungen zum adaptiven Verhalten evolutionärer Algorithmen in dynamischen UmgebungenRudolph, Günter; Schönemann, Lutz; Wegener, Ingo
2005-12-27T15:09:46ZSingle- and multi-objective evolutionary design optimization assisted by gaussian random field metamodelsSchwefel, H.-P.; Emmerich, Michael T. M.; Buchholz, P.
2005-10-12T13:41:36ZComputer aided DNA sequence designBanzhaf, Wolfgang; Feldkamp, Udo; Mutzel, Petra; Niemeyer, Christof M.
2005-05-30New experimentalism applied to evolutionary computationSchwefel, Hans-Paul; Bartz-Beielstein, Thomas; Buchholz, Peter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 51