Authors: Suter, Dieter
Harneit, W.
Meyer, C.
Weidinger, A.
Twamley, J.
Title: Architectures for a Spin Quantum Computer Based on Endohedral Fullerenes
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We present a discussion of recent concepts for the construction of a spin quantum computer using endohedral fullerenes. The fullerene molecule is a static, room-temperature trap for atoms with slowly relaxing electron and nuclear spins. The fullerene containers can be used to arrange the spins in complex structures such as a linear chain, to form a spin quantum register. We discuss the probable properties of such registers and different strategies to use them in a quantum computer design, including gating and read-out methods.
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Issue Date: 2002-09-26
Provenance: Wiley-VCH
Citation: Harneit, W.; Meyer, C.; Weidinger, A.; Suter, D.; Twamley, J.: Architectures for a Spin Quantum Computer Based on Endohedral Fullerenes. In: Physica Status Solidi (b) Nr. 2, Jg. 233(2002), S. 453-461.
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