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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-May-2008Quantitative complementarity between local and nonlocal character of quantum states in a three-qubit systemSuter, Dieter; Peng, Xinhua; Zhang, Jingfu; Du, Jiangfeng
13-Mar-2008Detection of Quantum Critical Points by a Probe QubitSuter, Dieter; Zhang, Jingfu; Peng, Xinhua; Rajendran, Nageswaran
2008Quantum ComputingSuter, Dieter; Stolze, Joachim
22-Oct-2007Experimental observation of a topological phase in the maximally entangled state of a pair of qubitsSuter, Dieter; Du, Jiangfeng; Zhu, Jing; Shi, Mingjun; Peng, Xinhua
13-Oct-2007Measuring complete quantum states with a single observableSuter, Dieter; Peng, Xinhua; Du, Jiangfeng
Jul-2007Evolution of Athletic RecordsSuter, Dieter; Gembris, Daniel; Taylor, John G.
17-Jul-2007Iterative quantum-state transfer along a chain of nuclear spin qubitsSuter, Dieter; Zhang, Jingfu; Rajendran, Nageswaran; Peng, Xinhua
4-Jun-2007Factorizing numbers with the Gauss sum techniqueSuter, Dieter; Mahesh, T. S.; Rajendran, Nageswaran; Peng, Xinhua
13-Apr-2007Effect of system level structure and spectral distribution of the environment on the decoherence rateSuter, Dieter; Zhang, Jingfu; Peng, Xinhua; Rajendran, Nageswaran
3-Apr-2007Decoherence in large quantum registers under variable interaction with the environmentSuter, Dieter; Lovric, Marko; Krojanski, Hans G.
1-Mar-2007Spins as probes of different electronic statesSuter, Dieter; Klieber, Robert
17-Jan-2007Two-qubit gates between noninteracting qubits in endohedral-fullerene-based quantum computationSuter, Dieter; Du, Jiangfeng; Ju, Chenyong
17-Jan-2007Experimental realization of 1 --> 2 asymmetric phase-covariant quantum cloningSuter, Dieter; Cheng, Hongwei; Zhou, Xianyi; Du, Jiangfeng
26-Dec-2006Decoherence in large NMR quantum registersSuter, Dieter; Krojanski, Hans Georg
18-Dec-2006Quantum-information processing using strongly dipolar coupled nuclear spinsSuter, Dieter; Mahesh, T. S.
11-Oct-2006Reduced Decoherence in Large Quantum RegistersSuter, Dieter; Krojanski, Hans G.
19-Jun-2006Speedup of quantum-state transfer by three-qubit interactionsSuter, Dieter; Zhang, Jingfu; Peng, Xinhua
11-Sep-2006Laser-assisted magnetic resonance: principles and applicationsSuter, Dieter; Gutschank, J.
21-Apr-2006Adding salt to an aqueous solution of t-butanolSuter, Dieter; Paschek, Dietmar; Geiger, Alfons; Herve, Momo J.
8-Mar-2006Time-resolved coherent double Raman detection of nuclear spin transitionsSuter, Dieter; Klieber, Robert
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 127