Authors: Suter, Dieter
Lovric, Marko
Krojanski, Hans G.
Title: Decoherence in large quantum registers under variable interaction with the environment
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Effective quantum-information processing requires coherent control of large numbers of qubits on a time scale that is short compared to the decoherence time of the system. It is therefore important to extrapolate and measure decoherence times for large quantum registers and to determine the effect of different couplings between system and environment on the decoherence rate. For this purpose, we have experimentally realized a system that allows one to generate model quantum registers with more than 100 qubits and measure the decay of the information in these states while adjusting the strength of the interaction between the quantum register and the environment. Our results indicate a power-law dependence of the decoherence rate on the number of qubits in the system, with an exponent of the order of 0.5. This behavior remains qualitatively unchanged when the coupling strength to the environment is reduced by about an order of magnitude.
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Issue Date: 2007-04-03
Provenance: The American Physical Society
Citation: Lovric, Marko; Krojanski, Hans G.; Suter, Dieter: Decoherence in large quantum registers under variable interaction with the environment. In: Physical Review A Jg. 75(2007), 042305.
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