Authors: Suter, Dieter
Peng, Xinhua
Du, Jiangfeng
Title: Measuring complete quantum states with a single observable
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Experimental determination of an unknown quantum state usually requires several incompatible measurements. However, it is also possible to determine the full quantum state from a single, repeated measurement. For this purpose, the quantum system whose state is to be determined is first coupled to a second quantum system (the “assistant”) in such a way that part of the information in the quantum state is transferred to the assistant. The actual measurement is then performed on the enlarged system including the original system and the assistant. We discuss in detail the requirements of this procedure and experimentally implement it on a simple quantum system consisting of nuclear spins.
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Issue Date: 2007-10-13
Provenance: The American Physical Society
Citation: Peng, X.; Du, J.; Suter, D.: Measuring complete quantum states with a single observable. In: Physical Review A Jg. 76(2007), 042117.
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