Authors: Suter, Dieter
Schweika-Kresimon, Marc O.
Gutschank, Jörg
Title: Magneto-optical and EPR transitions in Raman heterodyne spectroscopy
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Laser and microwave fields can be mixed in paramagnetic samples in a coherent Raman process. The radiation scattered in the forward direction contains frequency components at the sum and difference frequency. We consider the details of this scattering process in a static magnetic field, where two types of signals appear: magnetic-resonance transitions give rise to signals at fixed magnetic fields, independent of the laser frequency. Another set of resonances is determined by the optical transition frequencies. These resonances are particularly prominent in samples with narrow optical absorption lines. We derive a comprehensive theory that describes both contributions and compare it with experimental data from the R lines of ruby.
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Issue Date: 2002-10-30
Provenance: The American Physical Society
Citation: Schweika-Kresimon, Marc O.; Gutschank, Jörg; Suter, Dieter: Magneto-optical and EPR transitions in Raman heterodyne spectroscopy. In: Physical Reviews A Nr. 4, Jg. 66(2002), 043816[11 S.].
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