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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-04-21Diluting the hydrogen bonds in viscous solutions of n-butanol with n-bromobutaneBöhmer, Roland; El Goresy, T.
1988-10-15Dielectric properties of fluoromethanes and fluoromethane mixturesBöhmer, Roland; Loidl, A.
1989-09-01Dipolar relaxations in solid (CF4)1-x(CClF3)xBöhmer, Roland
1991-02-01Relaxation dynamics in molecular alloysBöhmer, Roland; Loidl, A.
1995Spin fluctuations in the heavy fermion compound CeCu2Ge2 probed by nuclear magnetic resonanceBöhmer, Roland; Büttgen, N.; Loidl, A.
1996NMR studies of the heavy fermion alloy Ce(Cu1-xNix)2Ge2Böhmer, Roland; Büttgen, N.; Krimmel, A.; Loidl, A.
2001Surface-induced order and diffusion of 5CB liquid crystal confined to porous glassBöhmer, Roland; Vilfan, M.; Apih, T.; Gregorovic, A.; Zalar, B.; Lahajnar, G.; Zumer, S.; Hinze, G.; Althoff, G.
1989-02-01Radio-frequency dielectric measurements at temperatures from 10 to 450 KBöhmer, Roland; Maglione, M.; Lunkenheimer, P.; Loidl, A.
1991-06-11Mechanical stress relaxation in inorganic glasses studied by a step-strain techniqueBöhmer, Roland; Senapati, H.; Angell, C. A.
1991-08-14Condensed (Ar)1-x(N2)x in a four rod capacitorBöhmer, Roland
1995-11Pulsed dielectric spectroscopy of supercooled liquidsBöhmer, Roland; Schiener, B.; Hemberger, J.; Chamberlin, R. V.
1997Far-off-resonance averaging of dipolar interactions in solidsBöhmer, Roland; Chang, I.; Diezemann, G.; Hinze, G.; Sillescu, H.
1997-11-15Dielectric hole burning spectroscopy of supercooled liquidsBöhmer, Roland; Schiener, B.; Chamberlin, R. V.; Diezemann, G.
1998-05-22Decay of single and double quantum coherences in deuterated glassy ortho-terphenylBöhmer, Roland; Kircher, O.; Diezemann, G.; Hinze, G.; Schug, K. U.; Sillescu, H.; Zimmermann, H.
1998Experimental determination of four-time stimulated echoes in liquids, colloidal suspensions, and crystalsBöhmer, Roland; Hinze, G.; Diezemann, G.; Sillescu, H.
2000Capacitive scanning dilatometry and frequency dependent thermal expansion of polymer filmsBöhmer, Roland; Bauer, C.; Moreno-Flores, S.; Richert, R.; Sillescu, H.; Neher, D.
2000-11Multiple-time correlation functions from spin-3/2 solid-state NMR spectroscopyBöhmer, Roland
2002-12Stimulated-echo NMR spectroscopy of 9Be and 7Li in solidsBöhmer, Roland; Qi, F.; Jörg, T.
1986Dipolar and quadrupolar freezing in (KBr)1-x(KCN)xBöhmer, Roland; Volkmann, U. G.; Loidl, A.; Knorr, K.; Höchli, U. T.; Haussühl, S.
1986Dipolar and quadrupolar freezing in (NaCN)1-x(KCN)xBöhmer, Roland; Loidl, A.; Schräder, T.; Knorr, K.; Kjems, J. K.; Born, R.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 132