Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Maglione, M.
Lunkenheimer, P.
Loidl, A.
Title: Radio-frequency dielectric measurements at temperatures from 10 to 450 K
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A coaxial air line was constructed to connect a radio-frequency impedance analyzer and a temperature-stabilized sample holder. It is suitable for dielectric measurements in the frequency range 1 MHz–1 GHz and at temperatures between 10 and 450 K. The dielectric dispersion of Fe-doped BaTiO3 and Na-doped KCN is presented. The results demonstrate the capability of this setup when investigating materials with high as well as with low dielectric constants.
Subject Headings: ultra low temperature
low temperature
high temperature
medium temperature
barrium titanates
potassium compounds
sample holders
electric impedance
measuring methods
dielectric properties
Issue Date: 1989-02-01
Provenance: The American Institute of Physics.
Citation: Böhmer, R.; Maglione, M.; Lunkenheimer, P.; Loidl, A.: Radio-frequency dielectric measurements at temperatures from 10 to 450 K. In: Journal of Applied Physics Nr. 3, Jg. 65(1989), S. 901-904, doi:10.1063/1.342990.
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