Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Pimenov, A.
Loidl, A.
Title: Relaxation times at the rate-dependent glass transition
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The structural relaxation time near the cooling rate dependent glass transition is determined self-consistently within the Moynihan-Narayanaswami formalism. In order to illustrate the method we analyze scanning calorimetry data from amorphous calcium-rubidium nitrate. A characteristic time scale of about 250 s is obtained at the conventionally defined glass transition. The occurrence of decoupled, faster relaxation modes is briefly discussed.
Issue Date: 1997
Provenance: Progress of Theoretical Physics
Citation: Pimenov, A.; Loidl, A.; Böhmer, R.: Relaxation times at the rate-dependent glass transition. In: Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement Nr. 126(1997), S. 185-190.
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