Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Diezemann, G.
Title: Aging in a free-energy landscape model for glassy relaxation
Other Titles: II. Fluctuation-dissipation relations
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Several fluctuation-dissipation relations are investigated for a simple free-energy landscape model designed to describe the primary relaxation in supercooled liquids. The calculations of the response and of the correlation functions are performed for a quench from a high temperature to a low temperature. In the model, all dynamical quantities reach equilibrium after long times, but for times shorter than the re-equilibration time they do not exhibit time-translational invariance and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem is violated. Two measures for these violations are considered. One such measure is given by the slope in a plot of the integrated response versus the correlation function and another one by the so-called fluctuation-dissipation ratio. It is found that these measures do not coincide and furthermore are not independent of the dynamical variable considered in the calculation. We propose to determine the fluctuation-dissipation ratio experimentally via measurements of the deuteron spin-lattice relaxation rate and the dielectric loss
Issue Date: 2006
Provenance: American Institute of Physics
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