Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Sillescu, H.
Diezemann, G.
Hinze, G.
Title: Heterogeneity at the glass transition
Other Titles: What do we know?
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: We critically discuss the information that can be obtained from experiments with respect to the existence, the life time, and the length scale of dynamical heterogeneity in glass-forming liquids. The ability to select a dynamically distinguishable subensemble and observe its return to the full equilibrium ensemble is illustrated by examples from multi-dimensional NMR. We also discuss non-resonant hole burning spectroscopy as an example for which two separate time scales are involved.
Issue Date: 2002-05-30
Provenance: Elsevier
Citation: Sillescu, H.; Böhmer, R.; Diezemann, G.; Hinze, G.: Heterogeneity at the glass transition : What do we know?. In: Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids Jg. 307-310(2002), S. 16-23, doi: 10.1016/S0022-3093(02)01435-7.
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