Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Kircher, O.
Alba-Simionesco, C.
Title: Reorientations and translations in a fragile glass-former
Other Titles: Magnetic resonance studies of meta-fluoroaniline
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The rotational dynamics in supercooled liquid and glassy meta-fluoroaniline was studied using proton and fluorine spin-lattice relaxation times. It is shown that while proton relaxation is dominated by homonuclear relaxation, for fluorine heteronuclear relaxation prevails. The results could be well described using a distribution of correlation times. The mean correlation times show pronounced deviations from the simple Arrhenius law. In addition translational self-diffusion coefficients were measured for T>200 K using a static magnetic field gradient technique.
Issue Date: 2000-02-23
Provenance: Elsevier
Citation: Kircher, O.; Böhmer, R.; Alba-Simionesco, C.: Reorientations and translations in a fragile glass-former : Magnetic resonance studies of meta-fluoroaniline. In: Journal of Molecular Structure Nr. 2-3, Jg. 479(1999), S. 195-200, doi: 10.1016/S0022-2860(98)00870-9.
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