Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Schug, K. U.
King, H. E.
Title: Fragility under pressure
Other Titles: Diamond anvil cell viscometry of the glass-formers ortho-terphenyl and salol
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Viscosities of the fragile glass-forming liquids ortho-terphenyl and salol have been measured in a diamond anvil cell for pressures up to 1 GPa and for temperatures 300 K < T < 425 K. Utilizing a rolling ball technique viscosities up to 10^8 mPas could be determined. From these data the pressure dependence of the fragility index, corresponding to a reference viscosity of about 10^8 mPas, has been calculated. For ortho-terphenyl it is found that this "low-viscosity" fragility index is pressure invariant within experimental error. Salol exhibits a more complicated behavior
Issue Date: 1998-07-22
Provenance: American Institute of Physics
Citation: Schug, K. U.; King, H. E. Jr.; Böhmer, R.: Fragility under pressure : Diamond anvil cell viscometry of the glass-formers ortho-terphenyl and salol. In: Journal of Chemical Physics Jg. 109(1998), S. 1472-1477, doi: 10.1063/1.476715.
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