Authors: Böhmer, Roland
Schiener, B.
Loidl, A.
Chamberlin, R. V.
Title: Dielectric study of supercooled triphenylphosphite and butyronitrile
Other Titles: Comparison with a mesoscopic model
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Dielectric relaxation has been studied in the supercooled liquids triphenylphosphite (TPP) and butyrontrile (BN). BN is relatively strong according to Angell's classification and can be characterized by a fragility index m = 47. TPP, on the other hand, appears to be the most fragile non-polymeric liquid studied so far (m = 160). The dielectric response of the two glass-formers exhibits different degrees of non-exponentiality which is analyzed in terms of a mesoscopic model of dynamically correlated domains. The relation of this model to the strong versus fragile liquid classification scheme is discussed.
Issue Date: 1996
Provenance: Elsevier
Citation: Schiener, B.; Loidl, A.; Chamberlin, R. V.; Böhmer, R.: Dielectric study of supercooled triphenylphosphite and butyronitrile : Comparison with a mesoscopic model. In: Journal of Molecular Liquids Jg. 69(1996), S. 243-251, doi: 10.1016/S0167-7322(96)90018-5.
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