Authors: Salomon, Ilan
Feitelson, Eran
Cohen, Galit
Moeckel, Rolf
Spiekermann, Klaus
Wegener, Michael
Title: Sustainable Mobility in Cities
Other Titles: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The objective of the project 'Sustainable Mobility in Cities' was to advance an approach for identifying policy packages for sustainable mobility. The study combined qualitative and quantitative methodological components: In the qualitative part of the analysis, market segmentation techniques were used to identify groups and locations positively or negatively affected by transport-related policy instruments. In the quantitative part of the study, a method for developing a synthetic population as the basis for a microsimulation of urban travel demand and traffic was developed. The project was a co-operation between the Department of Geography of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Institute of Spatial Planning. The reports presents the results of the study.
Issue Date: 2002-09
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