Chemische Biologie : [121]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Amphiphile Block-Copolymere und eine Affinitäts-Aufreinigung für die DNA-kodierte ChemieBrunschweiger, Andreas; Götte, Katharina; Weberskirch, Ralf
2022Targeting PRMT5 protein-protein interactions with peptidic modulatorsWaldmann, Herbert; Krzyzanowski, Adrian; Brunschweiger, Andreas
2022Investigating a role for EDI3 in tumor growth and metastasis in breast cancer using a doxycycline-inducible knockdown systemHengstler, Jan G.; Glotzbach, Annika; Dehmelt, Leif
2022Differentiation of distinct mesoderm subtypes from regulatory interactions between FGF and BMP signalingBastiaens, Philippe; Gattiglio, Marina; Hengstler, Jan
2022Structural insights into muscle organisation by electron cryo-tomographyRaunser, Stefan; Wang, Zhexin; Winter, Roland
2022Recursion quantification analysis reveals a cellular morphodynamics - ERK activity recursive relationshipBastiaens, Philippe; Campos-Medina, Manuel; Kierfeld, Jan
2022-10-10Structural basis for specific inhibition of the deubiquitinase UCHL1Grethe, Christian; Schmidt, Mirko; Kipka, Gian-Marvin; O’Dea, Rachel; Gallant, Kai; Janning, Petra
2022Reconstitution of RhoGTPase membrane loadingBastiaens, Philippe; Armstrong, Michael; Goody, Roger S.
2022Optochemical control of DNA methylation erasers and readers enables kinetic insights into their domain-dependent interplaySummerer, Daniel; Lin, Tzu-Chen; Linser, Rasmus
2021Stem cell-based phenotypic screening and characterization of novel BMP mimeticsWaldmann, Herbert; Weßeler, Fabian; Schade, Dennis
2022Molecular insights into Bacillus anthracis anthrax lethal complexRaunser, Stefan; Antoni, Claudia; Winter, Roland
2022Application of the cell painting assay for pseudo-natural product projectsWaldmann, Herbert; Zinken, Sarah; Brunschweiger, Andreas
2022Development of methods toward the synthesis of novel bioactive natural product-like scaffoldsWaldmann, Herbert; Davies, Caitlin; Brunschweiger, Andreas
2020-04-14Light-activatable TET-dioxygenases reveal dynamics of 5-Methylcytosine oxidation and transcriptome reorganizationPalei, Shubhendu; Buchmuller, Benjamin; Wolffgramm, Jan; Muñoz-Lopez, Álvaro; Jung, Sascha; Czodrowski, Paul; Summerer, Daniel
2022Identification and characterization of inhibitors of hedgehog-induced osteoblast differentiationWaldmann, Herbert; Flegel, Jana Erika; Rauh, Daniel
2021Redox-coupling with RPTPɣ regulates the growth factor response of EGFRBastiaens, Philippe; Joshi, Maitreyi S.; Dehmelt, Leif
2022The role of innate lymphoid cells 1 and natural killer cells during drug induced liver damageWatzl, Carsten; Metzler, Sarah; Hengstler, Jan G.
2021Discovery and characterization of Pun1p, a putative component of the yeast fertilization synapseRaunser, Stefan; Mainye, Sheila Kemunto; Winter, Roland
2022Molecular working memory enables cells to navigate through changing complex environmentsKoseska, Aneta; Das, Abhishek; Bastiaens, Philippe
2021-06-21Chemically stabilized DNA barcodes for DNA-encoded chemistryPotowski, Marco; Kunig, Verena B. K.; Eberlein, Lukas; Vakalopoulos, Alexandros; Kast, Stefan M.; Brunschweiger, Andreas
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 121