Authors: Scheriau, Florian
Title: Data-Mining in der Astroteilchenphysik
Other Titles: Entfaltung des Energiespektrums der von IceCube in der 86 String-Konfiguration gemessenen Myon-Neutrinos
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: IceCube is as neutrino telescope deposited in the glacial ice at the geographic south pole with an instrumented volume of one cubic kilometer. This work presents results on the energy unfolding of muon neutrinos with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in its 86 string configuration. For the unfolding a sample of high quality muon neutrinos with a purity above 99.2% using a random forest was derived. The unfolding was performed using a second derivative Tikhonov regularization within the software TRUEE. The unfolding covers an energy range of more than 4 decades starting at 125 GeV and ending at 3.2 PeV.
Subject Headings: Astroteilchenphysik
Subject Headings (RSWK): Astrophysik
Issue Date: 2014
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