Authors: Krones, Jörn
Title: Effective models for the single impurity Anderson and Kondo model from continuous unitary transformations
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The method of continuous unitary transformations (CUTs) is applied to the Anderson impurity and the Kondo model aiming at the systematic derivation of convergent e ective models. If CUTs are applied in a conventional way, diverging di erential equations occur. Similar to poor mans scaling the energy scale, below which the couplings diverge, corresponds to the Kondo temperature TK. We present a way to apply CUTs to the Kondo and to the Anderson impurity model so that no divergences occur but a converged e ective low-energy model is derived with small nite parameters at arbitrarily small energies. The ground state corresponds to a bound singlet with a binding energy given by the Kondo temperature TK.
Subject Headings: Continuous unitary transformations
Flow equation
Kondo effect
Kondo model
Anderson impurity model
Effective models
Subject Headings (RSWK): Supraleitung
Issue Date: 2014
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