Theoretische Physik I : [64]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-06Synchronization of Higgs oscillations in long-range interacting superconductorsFauseweh, Benedikt
2023-01-23Dynamics and length distributions of microtubules with a multistep catastrophe mechanismSchwietert, Felix; Heydenreich, Lina; Kierfeld, Jan
2023-12-01Understanding the dynamics of randomly positioned dipolar spin ensemblesGräßer, Timo; Rezai, Kristine; Sushkov, Alexander O.; Uhrig, Götz S.
2023-09-05Switching the magnetization in quantum antiferromagnetsUhrig, Götz S.; Bolsmann, Katrin; Khudoyberdiev, Asliddin
2022Applications and extensions of flow equations to closed and open quantum systemsUhrig, Götz S.; Schmiedinghoff, Gary; Anders, Frithjof
2022Dynamics and forces in the mitotic spindleKierfeld, Jan; Schwietert, Felix; Risselada, Herre Jelger
2022Non-equilibrium dynamics of a driven-dissipative dimerized spin-1/2 chainUhrig, Götz S.; Yarmohammadi, Mohsen; Haas, Stephan W.
2021-12-30Magnetic blue shift of Mott gaps enhanced by double exchangeHafez-Torbati, Mohsen; Bossini, Davide; Anders, Frithjof B.; Uhrig, Götz S.
2021-12-10Dynamic mean-field theory for dense spin systems at infinite temperatureGräßer, Timo; Bleicker, Philip; Hering, Dag-Björn; Yarmohammadi, Mohsen; Uhrig, Götz S.
2021The Fermi-Hubbard model and its limiting cases as a testbed for techniques and phenomenaUhrig, Götz S.; Bleicker, Philip; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2021Nonequilibrium spin phenomena in quantum dots induced by periodic optical excitationUhrig, Götz S.; Schering, Philipp; Anders, Frithjof
2021-03-08Surfactant-loaded capsules as Marangoni microswimmers at the air–water interface: symmetry breaking and spontaneous propulsion by surfactant diffusion and advectionEnder, Hendrik; Froin, Ann-Kathrin; Rehage, Heinz; Kierfeld, Jan
2020Chemomechanical simulation of microtubule dynamicsKierfeld, Jan; Schmidt, Matthias; Löw, Ute
2021Quasiparticle decay induced by spin anisotropies in the frustrated spin ladder system BiCu2PO6Uhrig, Götz S.; Müller, Leanna Blanche; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2021-02-12From diffusive mass transfer in Stokes flow to low Reynolds number Marangoni boatsEnder, Hendrik; Kierfeld, Jan
2020-07-29Chaining of hard disks in nematic needles: particle-based simulation of colloidal interactions in liquid crystalsMüller, David; Kampmann, Tobias Alexander; Kierfeld, Jan
2020-05-01Bistability and oscillations in cooperative microtubule and kinetochore dynamics in the mitotic spindleSchwietert, Felix; Kierfeld, Jan
2019Robustness and variation of low-dimensional signal transmission in topological phasesUhrig, Götz S.; Malki, Maik; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2019Deformation of ferrofluid-filled elastic capsules and swelling elastic disks as microswimmersKierfeld, Jan; Wischnewski, Christian Jochen; Rehage, Heinz
2018Effective one-dimensional models including two-particle interaction from matrix product statesUhrig, Götz S.; Keim, Frederik; Anders, Frithjof
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 64