Theoretische Physik I : [45]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Effective one-dimensional models including two-particle interaction from matrix product statesUhrig, Götz S.; Keim, Frederik; Anders, Frithjof
2018Deformation behavior of elastic shells and biological cellsKierfeld, Jan; Hegemann, Jonas; Rehage, Heinz
2017Dynamics and interaction of magnons in the two dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnetUhrig, Götz S.; Powalski, Michael; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2016Biological systems: semiflexible polymer networks and active rodsKierfeld, Jan; Müller, Pascal; Stolze, Joachim
2016Dynamic correlations in one-dimensional quantum magnets at finite temperatureUhrig, Götz Silvester; Fauseweh, Benedikt; Eremin, Ilya
2016Nichtperturbative Linked-Cluster Entwicklungen für unkonventionelle MottisolatorenSchmidt, Kai Phillip; Ixert, Dominik; Uhrig, Götz S.
2016Polymer- und Kolloid-SimulationenKierfeld, Jan; Kampmann, Tobias Alexander; Löw, Ute
2015Semiflexible polymers in disordered potentialsKierfeld, Jan; Boltz, Horst-Holger; Stolze, Joachim
Dec-2015Quasiparticle pictures and graphs - from perturbative to non-perturbative linked-cluster expansionsSchmidt, Kai Phillip; Cöster, Kris; Anders, Frithjof
2014Conductivity of strongly pumped superconductorsUhrig, Götz Silvester; Krull, Holger; Manske, Dirk
2014Variational and perturbative extensions of continuous unitary transformations for low-dimensional spin systemsUhrig, Götz Silvester; Drescher, Nils Alexander; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2014Excitation spectrum and quantum phase transitions in the one-dimensional ionic Hubbard modelUhrig, Götz Silvester; Hafez Torbati, Mohsen; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
2014Effective models for the single impurity Anderson and Kondo model from continuous unitary transformationsUhrig, Götz Silvester; Krones, Jörn; Anders, Frithjof
2014Instabilities and shape analyses of elastic shellsKierfeld, Jan; Knoche, Sebastian; Rehage, Heinz
1-Jul-2014Physik exotischer Magnetisierungsplateaus des frustrierten Quantenmagneten SrCu2(BO3)2Schmidt, Kai Phillip; Foltin, Gregor Rafael; Kierfeld, Jan
13-Mar-2014Dynamics and decoherence in the central spin modelUhrig, Götz Silvester; Stanek, Daniel; Anders, Frithjof
13-Jan-2014Polymerization kinetics of single microtubules and microtubule bundles under force and confinementKierfeld, Jan; Zelinski, Björn; Schmidt, Kai Phillip
13-Jan-2014Topological phase transitions driven by non-Abelian anyonsLecheminant, Philippe; Schulz, Marc Daniel; Trebst, Simon
13-Dec-2013Dynamics of fermionic Hubbard models after interaction quenches in one and two dimensionsUhrig, Götz Silvester; Hamerla, Simone Anke; Anders, Frithjof
4-Jun-2013Robustness and spectroscopy of the toric code in a magnetic fieldLecheminant, Philippe; Kamfor, Michael; Moessner, Roderich; Uhrig, Götz Silvester
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45