Authors: Gräßer, Timo
Bleicker, Philip
Hering, Dag-Björn
Yarmohammadi, Mohsen
Uhrig, Götz S.
Title: Dynamic mean-field theory for dense spin systems at infinite temperature
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A dynamic mean-field theory for spin ensembles (spinDMFT) at infinite temperatures on arbitrary lattices is established. The approach is introduced for an isotropic Heisenberg model with S=12 and external field. For large coordination numbers, it is shown that the effect of the environment of each spin is captured by a classical time-dependent random mean field which is normally distributed. Expectation values are calculated by averaging over these mean fields, i.e., by a path integral over the normal distributions. A self-consistency condition is derived by linking the moments defining the normal distributions to spin autocorrelations. In this framework, we explicitly show how the rotating-wave approximation becomes a valid description for increasing magnetic field. We also demonstrate that the approach can easily be extended. Exemplarily, we employ it to reach a quantitative understanding of a dense ensemble of spins with dipolar interaction which are distributed randomly on a plane including static Gaussian noise as well.
Subject Headings: Dipolar interaction
Nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond
Dynamical mean field theory
Heisenberg model
Atomic, molecular & optical
Statistical physics
Condensed matter & materials physics
Quantum information
Subject Headings (RSWK): Dipol-Dipol-Wechselwirkung
Statistische Physik
Dynamische Molekularfeldtheorie
Kondensierte Materie
Issue Date: 2021-12-10
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