Authors: Freud, Debora
Title: The experience of stuttering among ultra-orthodox and secular Jews in Israel
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The main question of this study was whether the socio-cultural background of PWS is associated with the experience of stuttering. A combined-approach methodology was obtained, including both a quantitative research (QUAN) and a qualitative research (QUAL). In the former, 32 ultra-Orthodox (UO) and 31 seculartraditional (ST) men who stutter filled self-report questionnaires, in order to assess levels of the experience of stuttering in various scales (e.g. perceived stuttering severity, impact on quality of life, cognitive and emotional responses). In the latter, four UO and four ST men who stutter were interviewed. QUAN results showed that the impact of stuttering on quality of life was smaller among the UO, but stuttering was reported as more severe among the UO participants. Stuttering severity did not correlate to any of the above measures among the UO group, but did so among the ST. QUAL results yielded three main dimensions: the experience of stuttering across the life span, coping strategies and the experience of therapy. Analysis demonstrated a greater emotional content, different anxious experiences and special speech roles among UO interviewees in comparison to the ST interviewees. Generally, similar coping strategies and therapy experiences were identified, with some differences. Overall, the study findings demonstrate similarities in the experience of stuttering among groups, which point out the universality of the stuttering phenomenon. In contrast, the differences between groups may suggest the possible role of society and religion on the experience of stuttering. Results will be discussed in the context of the socio-religious background, the implications for therapy and suggestions for future research.
Subject Headings: Stottern
orthodoxe Juden
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Issue Date: 2015
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