Authors: Lohmann, Christoph
Kuzmin, Dmitri
Shadid, John N.
Mabuza, Sibusiso
Title: Flux-corrected transport algorithms for continuous Galerkin methods based on high order Bernstein finite elements
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This work extends the flux-corrected transport (FCT) methodology to arbitrary-order continuous finite element discretizations of scalar conservation laws on simplex meshes. Using Bernstein polynomials as local basis functions, we constrain the total variation of the numerical solution by imposing local discrete maximum principles on the Bézier net. The design of accuracy-preserving FCT schemes for high order Bernstein-Bézier finite elements requires the development of new algorithms and/or generalization of limiting techniques tailored for linear and multilinear Lagrange elements. In this paper, we propose (i) a new discrete upwinding strategy leading to local extremum bounded low order approximations with compact stencils, (ii) a high order stabilization operator based on gradient recovery, and (iii) new localized limiting techniques for antidi usive element contributions. The optional use of a smoothness indicator, based on a second derivative test, makes it possible to potentially avoid unnecessary limiting at smooth extrema and achieve optimal convergence rates for problems with smooth solutions. The accuracy of the proposed schemes is assessed in numerical studies for the linear transport equation in 1D and 2D.
Subject Headings: Bernstein-Bézier Finite Elements
continuous Galerkin method
flux-corrected transport
artificial diffusion
local discrete maximum principles
total variation diminishing property
Subject Headings (RSWK): Galerkin Methode
Issue Date: 2016-12
Provenance: Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Mathematik und Numerik
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